Having spent a few years testing the market, talking with our experts, designing our program, and partnering with universities and clients willing to share in our vision, we spent the last year developing and delivering our program content and assigning high profile project opportunities to our student Associates. With our projects completed, our client needs satisfied and our student Associates quickly and gainfully employed, we felt that our prototype had been completed, and, as of November 2, 2020, we opened our doors to the world. We have big plans and are working diligently over the next few months to open our doors to a range of new members. From students to experts and career consultants to interested citizens, we hope to set a new standard for the sharing of professional experiences and skills useful to our entire community. So please contact us and let us keep you apprised of our latest activities. This is important, because new tools will be in the process of being released over coming months, including:

  • Free introductory training tools for students;
  • Free up-to-date information on specific issues of environmental interest to local communities;
  • Free training tools for citizens interested in the earth and environmental sciences;
  • Tools to make it easier for clients to invite us to help on projects; and
  • Tools and processes for consulting organizations and businesses to partner with us to fund our activities, access our teams and permanently hire our talented Associates.

If you are a student, register right away so you don’t miss your chance to find out training class details and join our 2021 Team. And if you are a consultant, an expert, a community with immediate needs or just a concerned citizen, sign up to stay informed as we roll out our exciting plans over the next few months! Thank you for your support! We look forward to working with you soon!