Principal Scientist-
Geology, Chemistry, EHS Affairs and Sustainability

Tom, a Rutgers graduate, is an internationally-recognized expert in environmental, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability affairs. As a professional earth scientist, he is registered to practice as a Professional Geologist in several states and has testified in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, chemistry and geochemistry as an expert including in federal court. In addition to specializing in environmental site investigation and characterization, Tom has led large teams of consultants in conducting international EHS and sustainability projects for some of the the largest US multinational corporations. Along with his science degrees, he eventually obtained a master’s in technology and helped lead the development of the first internet-hosted EHS management system to reach the market, authoring the book on the subject, as well as co-founding the ASTM Environmental Assessment Committee and co-writing some of the industry standards in use today. After helping to build several successful EHS consultancies that were acquired by larger national and international consulting firms, Tom volunteers at egroup to advise graduating students taking on training and projects to jumpstart their careers in the earth and environmental sciences.


environmental Scientist – Eurofins
Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Life Sciences

Alex is currently an analyst at Eurofins Test America. Prior to graduation she acted as an Associate coordinating community public comments for the American Axle Brownfield site redevelopment effort, as well as performing an Environmental Site Assessment in support of the Battaglia dumpsite land trust site closure and sentencing hearing. Alex attended the University at Buffalo (UB) under a four-year academic Presidential Scholarship and graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences with a minor in Medical Anthropology. At UB, she was recognized as an Honors College Member, Biological Sciences Department Honors Member and an Environmental Leadership Fellow and received a Certificate of Excellence in Research from UB. During college, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Biomaterials Laboratory and joined the Doctors without Borders Global Medical Brigade in Honduras.  Alex’s skills include DNA and RNA extraction, spectroscopy, microscope analysis, environmental sample analysis, proposal writing, community relations and apiary management. Alex advises graduating students and community members on environmental management, ecology and environmental justice matters.


Geologist –
HRP Associates
Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Earth INformation Systems

Chris is currently a geologist with New York State Professional Geological Services, PLLC (nygeology.) Prior to graduation he acted as an Associate analyzing and presenting geological and chemical information to legislators and regulators, implementing GIS at a number of Superfund and Brownfield sites including the 100-year old Tonawanda Coke production complex that was shutdown by USEPA for environmental violations.   He has both a BS and an MS in Geology from the University at Buffalo where he worked as the manager of the Glacial History Laboratory, directing the performance of sample preparation and isotope analysis with a variety of spectrometers and other equipment. He is also proficient in many aspects of Geographic Information Systems including QGIS and remote sensing software. Since graduation, Chris has been supporting projects at nygeology including GIS data collection and map development, the performance of ASTM E1527-compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports and reduction and interpretation of hydrogeochemical data. Chris introduces new skills to graduating students on projects and advises them on site characterization mapping, geology and chemistry issues.