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Cattaraugus Creek Confluence in Zoar Valley, Western New York.

In addition to founding and advising aspiring professionals at egroup, Tom Morahan, who is a career Professional Geologist, Chemist and Earth Scientist, also founded and acts as Principal Scientist at New York State Professional Geological Services PLLC, referred to simply as nygeology. Under New York State law, Professional Geologists need to be licensed by the New York State Board of Education, currently registered to practice geology in NY. Most businesses must also meet strict requirements to offer or even advertise geological services in the state.

Tom currently serves on the Board of Directors of the New York State Council of Professional Geologists and as the President of the Buffalo Association of Professional Geologists. The company is fully insured. Additional information can be accessed by following the links provided. nygeology is proud to work with egroup as the need arises to work with aspiring geologists, providing them opportunities to work under a registered P.G. to help gather the years of experience required to practice geology under state law.

If you are a geology student or aspiring geologist just beginning your career, you are highly encouraged to take the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology Exam to become a Geologist-in-Training. After four or five years, depending on your degree, you may then sit for the Professional Geologist Exam. By following a rigorous documentation process and completing the testing, you will be able, with some notable exceptions, to work in most other states. For more information on geological services or career opportunities, reach out to Tom via email at or by phone at (716) 374-0640.

Thomas J. Morahan, PG

New York State Professional Geologist No. 001199 

New York State Professional Geological Services, PLLC