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“I got to become deeply involved in a business I didn’t even know existed when I was still in school. After completing the coursework, I was given a site to help analyze. Very Shortly thereafter, I got my first job, and they were impressed that I already knew so much.” – Alexandra Dombrowski, Scientist, Eurofins TestAmerica“We’ve worked with this team for over a year now and have made real progress with regulatory agencies, consultants and responsible parties on a number of sites. They are amazing!!!” – Rebecca Newberry, Executive Director, Clean Air“An absolutely incredible program! After completing my degrees in geology and spending five years in college running a laboratory,  I can truly say that I don’t know where I would have gotten this kind of experience.”– Christopher Sbarra, Geologist, nygeology“The team’s critical analysis of a 100-year old abandoned manufacturing facility was beyond awesome! After they testified in a legislative hearing, regulators required their suggestions to be incorporated into the plans drafted by the responsible parties.” – Emily Terrana, Leadership Director, Clean Air